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A school where students fear to enter teachers stay away and officials helpless to act

Posted by : Ajmer Alam Wani on | Jul 12,2014

PAPER GHOST OR MONEY MINTING GOVT SCHOOL ?CHIRALLA: Majority of you might have heard that a school is also called ‘Temple of Learning’ where students ‘Enter to learn and leave to serve’, but I am sure hardly anyone of you have ever heard that a Government school has been showering all happy movements and money on District and Zonal level education officers /officials and teachers while students are made fear to enter this school by the department as they have to enter a place occupied by the ghosts.In simple words, this school is not only a money minting centre for many officials but also a paper ghost for many students, many of whom are now forced to stay inside homes.With this school, the case was not the same earlier, once it was among the best schools in the area and the enrollment was fast increasing but with the increase in corruption and favoritism in the Education Department in Doda district because of few corrupt employees and officials, like several others this school too entered into the list of those schools where accountability, punctuality and teaching was faraway and remained just a word of mouth.The present status of this school is shocking and eye opener for the school education department higher authorities, who are time to time mislead by the subordinates about the functioning of department in the hilly remote areas of the state.From the October, 2013, this High School has only 7 students on rolls and interestingly those students are being imparted education in a private academy in the area and do not attend the school because no teacher of this school attend the school.However, on papers, the fact which is known to public is, there were 6 teachers and a head master posted in the said school, out of which, 2 teachers draw their salary from the said school but have been put on attachments at will and do not attend the duties while other 4 teachers do not attend the duties which led to decreasing enrollments from around 200 to just 7 that too on papers only.Teachers not attending the duties and students not taking admission instead leaving the schools is not the only case, the interesting part of the story is, the school, has been converted into to place which is almost like a ‘Ghost building’ by the able department officials as the students and their parents fear sending their wards to their school, as there is no teacher, no education and no grooming of students. This school school is not less than a ghost occupied building for children and their parents as they fear sending their wards to this school keeping in view their career.The High School which has a library, a laboratory, besides other facilities which provides Govt to every school besides repair and construction work, has nothing visible physically. However a building is there which has no laboratory, no library but every year, the material required for laboratory, library and other material is purchased on papers, and the amount is withdrawn by the Zonal level and district level officials in connivance and finally rests in their pockets.Even, despite several complaints by some social activists, local people and parents, the officials concerned never act as they themselves are involved. Recently in-charge ZEO Thathri visited the school and found it locked, he submitted a detailed report to the former CEO Doda, for action but the report file was put in cold storage.The school which is not more than a deserted building at present was established in the year 1977 as a primary school, by the order of Additional Tehsil Education Officer Assar under Ref: Order number -- DEO’s NO E/23-69 dated 2-4-1977. And Mr Sansar Chand teacher Central School Mangota was first teacher of this schoolIn the year 2005, the school was having 128 students on rolls and was upgraded to Middle School under SSA.After getting damaged the school building in the rains, the School was operating in open space for a long time and sometimes in rented accommodations but in the year 2005 was shifted to a building after acquiring it from a local resident under order number 75-78/LAC, dated 25/05/2005, of the office letter from Collector Land acquisition (SDM) Bhaderwah. Reference, DDC’s order No-/Acq-13300-03 dated 23/3/2005. CEO Doda’s number 21-22 dated 02/04/2005.Later as the enrollment keep increasing and the public started demanding the up-gradation, in the year 2008, it was upgraded to High School on, in 2008----12/5, 2008. Under government order number Edu/Plus-SE/575/2007-08---9-5-2008.But the unfortunate is the department instead of making this school better place of learning made it a place where teachers can draw salary for not attending schools and other Zonal and District level concerned officials can cash on different activities by running paper horses only.